Events.- A minor was arrested for falsely accusing another of stealing his mobile to collect insurance


Agents of the National Police have detained a 16-year-old minor in Valencia as the alleged perpetrator of a simulation crime by denouncing that his mobile phone had been stolen with violence and falsely accusing another minor of it. Likewise, he is charged with an attempted fraud crime, since the complainant made use of the insurance that covered the theft of his terminal, although he did not get paid thanks to the investigation.

The events occurred last September, when a minor filed a complaint in which he reported being a victim by a group of three young people who approached him and threatened him with a knife to steal his mobile phone. In addition, he pointed to a minor whom he knew as one of his attackers, the National Police reported in a statement.

Given the seriousness of the events, the police officers began an investigation to clarify what happened, but found inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s account.

Subsequently, the investigators located the alleged aggressor, whom the complainant accused. However, the day and time of the events was at a federated soccer match, as confirmed by witnesses and documentation provided.

Finally, the agents found out that the victim’s cell phone had not really been stolen nor was there any assault. Thus, they discovered that the minor denounced the robbery with violence to collect insurance, which he used, but did not receive any money thanks to the investigation carried out.

The agents verified that the minor accused the other young man for revenge, with whom he had had previous problems. The detainee, without a police record, has been released after informing the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

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