Everardo González presents a short documentary that will premiere Netflix


LOS CABOS, BCS. (I open) – On 12 May, separated families between Mexico and the United States, some of whom have not been seen for more than a decade, have gathered to embrace for three minutes in the Rio Grande, in El Paso, Texas , in the event called "Abrazos, No Muros" and four film crews, led by Mexican documentary filmmaker Everardo González, recorded the moment.

The result is a short documentary A hug of 3 minutes, produced by Daniela Alatorre and Elena Fortes, premiered at the 7th edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival.

The film, in which Gael García Bernal is the executive producer, shows how different Mexican families embrace their loved ones in the United States.

Everyone is crying with emotion, but they must separate so that everyone returns to continue their lives, both in Mexico and in the United States. In the film there is no narrator, no one talks about anyone, only Wim Mertens' music is the one that guides those moments.

That family meeting was organized by the Human Rights Border Network.

A hug of 3 minutes It lasted 30 minutes and Emilio Valdés took care of the photograph.

González, director of The freedom of the devil and LOld thieves: legends of art, among other documentaries, states that the greatest difficulty he had to face during the shoot was that it was not even a day of filming:

"It was an interval of three and a half hours, so the chances of something going wrong were gigantic: we called four complete production teams to be able to coordinate at that moment, there were about five thousand simultaneous people who were going through very powerful things.Also, the event could have been canceled. "

For him, that event is positive, "not only because families are touching and kissing, but because there is a political position against organizing these events, it is good to look at migratory problems".

Daniela Alatorre says that she and Fortes wanted to create films with directors who told stories from the Mexican perspective that could reach large audiences, like Netflix in the United States, so they approached that platform:

"We came closer and this is the first of some films we are doing with Netflix, which we find very powerful to be able to make this alliance is to offer a vision of a Mexican director to a large American audience through this supplier, with that freedom, with that poem, and somehow try to give a perspective from a point of view a little different from the issues that are experienced today in relation to these two countries ".

There is no precise date yet in which it will be released A hug of 3 minutes, but it will be next year, reports Alatorre.


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