Evergreen has the strength to defend the 5th and quarterly line in the next stage | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Most of Taiwan stocks fell this week, and even if the container shipping industry has the theme of bright performance and rising freight rates, it will not be able to resist the pressure. However, Evergreen (2603-TW) On Friday, it bounced nearly half of the board, with support at the bottom, holding the position of the 5th line and the support of the quarter line, indicating that as the freight rates of the US West Line and the European Line continue to hit highs, the market is generally optimistic about the first quarter of container shipping. Profit Outlook.

The latest SCFI composite index announced by Shanghai Stock Exchange, after hitting highs for 9 consecutive weeks, fell for the first time this week, down 15.24 points from last week to 5094.36 points, still maintaining a historical high of 5000 points for 3 consecutive weeks.

It is worth noting that despite the traditional off-season of container shipping, the freight rate of the US West Line remains at a record high, and the asking price per FEU (standard 40-foot container) is 7994 Dollar, the European line has risen to a new high after 7 consecutive weeks of rise, and the freight rate per TEU has reached 7797 Dollar

Cargo operators believe that due to port congestion and the recent rise in the global epidemic, it is expected that the port congestion will not ease in the first quarter, and high freight rates are expected to remain the norm in the first quarter.

The legal person also mentioned that the strike at the US West Wharf is another major factor of uncertainty. At that time, ships may have to bypass the Panama Canal and transfer to the US East, which will further reduce the ship turnover rate. About the price, follow-up changes are worthy of attention.

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