Evertec faces problems when processing PAN transactions

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Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN) cardholders are facing problems making purchases today in supermarkets because the system that processes these transactions is slow or crashes, which has caused more than 70% of purchases to fail. have made.

We are having a lot of trouble with the card. What we understand is that the government deposited the $ 347 million of cantazo and the system went cold. The supermarkets are crowded, crowded and people are upset because when paying with the PAN card, the system does not leave them, “said Félix Aponte, president of Agranel Supermarkets, a chain of independent supermarkets that operates about 37 stores through All the island.

Aponte explained that all supermarkets face the same problem. This inconvenience worries them because when the stores are full of people and each transaction takes so long, it creates more congestion and agglomeration, when what the government seeks is for there to be social distancing.

“This is a serious problem, it is creating a difficult and worrying situation. The system is running slow, slow; and the client who does not have patience is upset, ”said Aponte, adding that between 70% and 80% of the transactions with the PAN card could not be processed today. Agranel has 37 stores on the island.

Some clients get “decline” and in other cases the system keeps spinning, freezes and you have to try again; but it does not work.

For his part, Eduardo Marxuach, president of Econo Supermarkets, indicated that the problem started from last Saturday but it was not until today that it intensified. “The system has slowed down and there are flashing problems. Since there were so many transactions early, the Evertec system was not ready. But they are already fixing it, ”said Marxuach.

The company that processes the transactions is Evertec. This morning the company sent supermarkets the following message: “Today, we are experiencing an increase in the volume of transactions in the application of the Electronic Benefit Transfer System (EBT). This is causing intermittence with some transactions. It is important to clarify that the benefits of all the participants are safe, they can use their cards which are valid, they have their funds in their accounts and that they are being distributed according to the customary calendar. At Evertec, we continue to work diligently with the situation to complete the application update as soon as possible. ”

Some 700,000 people were supposed to benefit from the entry of more federal funds into the program to help them with the COVID-19 emergency. Generally speaking, a beneficiary will receive an additional $ 82 per month.

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