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The figures hurt even if they are real. For many, the data is true and telling; for others, they are left over and what they cause is annoyance. And it is that James Rodríguez, ’10’ of the Colombian National Team and Everton figure, is a footballer of loves and heartbreaks; has loyal followers and critical acids; For many, the top Colombian figure at present, but for others, he is a player who has not been able to consolidate his career and continues to live off the title of scorer at the 2014 World Cup, which is no small thing.

This Tuesday, the networks were shaken with a publication by Luis Arturo Henao (@ElColeccioniste on Twitter), with figures that show that James Rodríguez has been important for Everton, but that the English club does not depend on the Colombian to make one of the best campaigns of recent years in England.

“In the Premier League, the last 6 Everton games without James Rodríguez he won. And in the last 6 with James, he only won one ”, wrote the renowned statistician.

And Henao is right. With James in Carlo Ancelotti’s team, Everton recently beat Liverpool, 0-2 at Anfield in a historic result; then, they lost to Manchester City, Fulham, Newcastle and drew with Manchester United and Leicester City. Which means that of the last 18 points played with the Colombian on the field, the ‘toffee’ only added 5 units.

Although in the middle there is a victory against Wolverhampton 2-1, in which James was present.

On the other hand, when James Rodríguez has been absent, due to injury or to take care of him to avoid a nuisance, Everton managed to prevail against Southampton, Leeds United, Sheffield, Arsenal, Leicester City and Chelsea; he only lost to West Ham United in those last games in which he has not had the coffee.

In this way, although the data is real and Everton shows that it can win without the Colombian star, in our country there is debate about James: some defend him and believe that this type of statistics is “bad milk”; Others ask that the figure of the National Team be given so much display, since the media value in Colombia is more than its influence on the good campaign of their team in the Premier League.


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