The medical task force that advises Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced to attend to the coronavirus emergency (COVID-19) established this afternoon that with the statistics they have collected, they preliminarily conclude that every 3.5 days the cases on the island double.

Dr. Juan Carlos Reyes stressed, at a press conference, that said statistics is preliminary until a new rapid surveillance system comes into operation that will offer data and information in real time. However, he assured that the number can be validated with the daily increase in cases since the first contagion of the Italian tourist who came aboard a cruise ship to the island was confirmed.

“We would hope that based on what we are working on, it turns out that sometime next week, not the one above, we should begin to see a reduction in these cases. Right now what we are going to see is an increase during this week and next “Reyes anticipated.

“So it is very important that we respect quarantine. We are seeing an increase and when more evidence comes we will see more increase in cases. Thats the reality“, on board.

Their expressions occurred at the same time that the director of the medical task force, Segundo Rodríguez, stressed that the group of doctors is working hand in hand with the Health Department to develop a rapid surveillance system to receive information from hospitals, laboratories and airports by the screenings and tests that are carried out.

“At this time we do not have that information, because we are setting up the rapid surveillance system that should start Monday or Tuesday. This is something that has been set up from scratch. It is a system that we are going to start working with Health so that It can be carried out. At this time we do not have that data, “Rodríguez said.

The rapid surveillance system should organize the information for each of the eight regions of the Department of Health, it was reported.

In turn, they indicated that the statistics that the government has compiled on the coronavirus (COVID-19) establish that the majority of Puerto Ricans with the virus are between 50 and 59 years old.

“We are already beginning to receive the data from each of the private laboratories. Within the statistical age data, we have the highest number of reported cases between the ages of 50 to 59 years, with a total of 22 cases. The second age range is between 60 to 69 years with a cluster of 19 people diagnosed as positive to COVID-19 “, detailed the secretary of Public Affairs, Osvaldo Soto.

The official reported that the metropolitan region remains the main focus of the spread of the disease with 46 cases, followed by Mayagüez and Bayamón with 14, and Caguas with 13 cases.

The government indicated that the number of positive cases on the island rose to 100 this morning after 21 new cases were added, 10 of them validated by the Health Department, one by the Veterans Hospital and 10 by private laboratories.

At the same time, the official announced that the National Guard will install a mobile hospital in Mayagüez with a capacity for 150 beds.

“In Puerto Rico we have received 900 rapids kits, of which 700 have been delivered to hospitals. 1,000 molecular tests have been received from the collas, and 500 have been delivered,” he said.

At the time, the official notified that today the arrival of some 3,000 rapids kits is expected, which will be distributed and escorted by the Police.

In turn, the press conference ensured that the Health Department has 6,000 beds available to attend the coronavirus emergency, in case the spread of the disease continues to increase.

He also said that personnel from the Health Department will test the coronavirus (COVID-19) today, Saturday, for the husband of the Puerto Rican woman who died this week as a result of the disease in Mayagüez.

“The Health Department sent a team to the widower’s residence so that he and two family members can be tested today”he indicated.

Yesterday, José Mercado González, widower of Lisette Matías, confirmed to The new day that they had not tested him for the virus, despite information from government agencies indicating that they were already waiting for the results.

“In addition, the Police Bureau reports that a thorough cleaning was carried out at the Police station in Rincón (where Mercado González works) and the patrols. It is necessary to wait 48 hours to be able to use the facilities where this station is located in Rincón due to recommendations of the company that is dedicated to cleaning. While that is happening, the Aguadilla police shake their hands, “said Soto.


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