Every dead hero has confirmed to return to Avengers 4 (so far)

The Marvel Studios will definitely bring back the heroes who are currently dead Avengers 4, but here's who is confirmed so far. It took a high level of security to guarantee it Avengers: Infinity WarThe ending has not been ruined, and it seems that Marvel is trying a similar trick when it comes to the characters that will make their appearance in Avengers 4.

infinite warThe cliffhanger finale saw Thanos succeed in collecting all six Infinity Stones and snapping their fingers, sweeping away half of reality from existence – including some fan favorite heroes. Of course, most if not all of these things should come back, and thanks to sets of photos, movies coming out and even the confirmation of some of the cast members themselves, it's already clear that a big meeting is on the cards for Avengers 4.

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While we do not know if the snap will be canceled or rewritten, it is clear that the effects of Thanos' attack will have proved temporary at the end of Avengers 4 (and, in addition, many long-dead characters may still appear since the film should dabble in time travel). With that established, here is a rundown of all the characters dead from Avengers: infinite war who have confirmed to appear in the blockbuster still untitled Marvel.

Gamora (or Resurrection or Time Travel)

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