Everyday video conferencing environment, easy-to-use ultra cost-effective webcam, Abco APC 850

The world has changed a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them is a change in the work environment.

Face-to-face conversations at work have decreased, and online conversations are becoming more frequent.

In addition, more and more meetings, conferences, and conferences are now conducted online or via video, and some companies have now become a basic process for video conferencing.

In this situation, in general, a webcam mounted on a laptop is often used, but when using a general PC, a webcam is not attached, so a separate webcam is required.

In addition, these days, creators and personal streaming environments are often exposed using webcams when they are built. In this case, webcams have become quite useful, and various webcams are being released accordingly.

Apco, which has been continuously introducing useful PC peripherals from PC gaming devices, will take a look at the APC 850 model, a new webcam that can use a webcam at a reasonable price.

■ Simple installation method

The exterior design of the Abco APC 850 has an elongated oval base like other webcams, and the central lens is protected by a silver cover.

This silver cover isn’t just a design, it’s a focus control, which you can turn to manually focus the lens.

This silver cover has a privacy cover that comes with it, and you can see that the privacy cover opens and closes through the cap to cover the lens.

The mounted lens is a 110-angle lens, which is introduced to provide a wider viewing angle than other webcams.

The installation of the Abco APC 850 webcam consists of a flexible clip that supports the webcam.

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In addition, the neck couple of the webcam lens chose a ball-shaped neck that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and tilted, so that various camera directions can be set rather than just the front.

A screw hole for supporting a tripod is also provided at the bottom of the flexible clip, so you can prepare for using a tripod even if it is not a monitor.

The connection to the PC is connected by USB, and since it is often placed on the monitor, it is composed of a long connection line of about 2 meters considering the distance from the PC.

Connecting to a PC is very easy, just a USB connection, and Windows 10-based immediately recognizes it as a webcam, and you can use the webcam right away without needing to find a separate driver.

■ Webcam that supports FHD resolution

I personally tried the Abco APC 850 webcam. I checked the basic specifications through the default camera app provided by Windows.

The Abco APC 850 webcam supports up to 1080p resolution, and when used for photography, it can take 16:9 FHD photos at 2.1 megapixels.

For important video parts, up to 1080p 16:9 30 frames are supported. You can also select a picture quality of 1080p or lower, so if the internet situation is poor, it is also a good idea to select a low resolution to lower the bit rate a little.

There was no shortage of picture quality, and there seems to be no inconvenience in general object recognition or video conferencing.

However, as mentioned earlier, since it is a fixed focus in focus, it is necessary to set the focus manually in the first place.

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In addition, the body also has a built-in microphone, so voice can be delivered in video conferences without a separate microphone. It was introduced that it can record up to 6M.

■ A shortcut to put me on the screen at a reasonable cost

We took a brief look at the newly released Apco APC 850 Webcam.

This Abco APC 850 webcam product is easy to install and use, just connect and get the driver, and it can be compatible with various camera programs.

In particular, it seems to be suitable for lightly capturing me for Internet broadcasting, various broadcasting, streaming, and video conferencing.

Recently, with the rise of webcams, quite expensive products are appearing one after another.

Of course, it can be disappointing that it does not support 60 frames or lack of autofocus, but it can be said to be a super cost-effective product for environments such as simple video conferencing or for shooting a fixed subject in front of a PC.

If you need to use a webcam right away in YouTube, streaming platforms, video conferencing, and internet lectures, and want to introduce a webcam at an affordable price, it seems not bad to start with this Apco APC 850 webcam.

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