Everyone calls the arrogant English, but New Zealand is much worse

Everyone says the English are arrogant, but they certainly are not as arrogant as New Zealand *.

All the kiwis I know, like my Harlequins coach, Nick Evans, told me how New Zealand will destroy us!

He preaches to be so humble and sweeps the locker room after a game … then they go to tell everyone that they have just swept the locker room.

He preaches being so humble, but New Zealand is much more arrogant than the British

It's like the guy who wins the Unsung Hero award at work, so he updates his status on Facebook and can not help bringing his trophy to the office the next day.

Then again, I think it's hard to be humble when you win all the time. They are the best in the world and this deserves respect, but some teams give them too much respect. They are put on a pedestal, but there are only 15 boys with black t-shirts. The moment when you fear them is the moment when you lost. Many English players beat them with the Lions last year and they will say: "Listen, these guys are beatable".

England must soon enter Kiwi's face and make them feel like they're fighting. As soon as they gain a certain degree of security, they look at them and think: "Jesus – they are rather unstoppable".

You do not want to see their locks release venting like Sonny Bill Williams. One of those locks is Brodie Retallick. Now it's a second tier of world level, but it's not that good with names!

During a press conference in 2014, he was asked what he thought of his opposite number, Courtney Lawes.

However, I guess it's hard to be humble when you win all the time like in New Zealand

In his response he continued to talk about "Michael" Lawes who hurt us a little.

I kept calling Brodie & # 39; Bryan & # 39; during the match that weekend but my antics failed and we lost.

After the first Lions Test last year, he came to me and said, "Ah, John, how are you, John?"

It had been three years, so it took me a while to figure out what he meant. I had a beer or two!

* Let's stop calling them All Blacks, please.


Do not be discouraged, Brad Shields is a player from England, but he is not an Englishman. It's one of the best, but I imagine it will be quite embarrassing for him during the national anthem. He'll probably be humming the Kiwi melody in his head but now he's wearing a white shirt – and he even skipped his bachelor party to debut!

He probably has a bit of bitterness and resentment for not cutting in New Zealand, so I hope he brings the best out of him and that he fills some of his old friends.

Brad Shields probably has a bit of bitterness in not cutting in New Zealand


Some people might think it's weird, but I left Twickenham before kick-off last week because I wanted to spend the evening with my family. I did my business work and then I came home, but I stopped at a service station to watch the game. There was no TV or WiFi, so I looked at my phone and consumed all my data while I ate Nando's chicken.

When Owen Farrell's last tackle came in, my heart was a little bit in my mouth. Some referees, like Wayne Barnes or Nigel Owens, would have given a penalty for that. Fortunately, if it got away so I toasted to victory with a bottle of South African red wine with my wife.

When Owen Farrell made that last-ditch affair at Twickenham, my heart was a little bit in my mouth


This week the Eddie Jones dossier was discussed on the notes of the Lions tour players. The guys who have not been chosen for the Test team, like me, have spent most of their time drinking flat Kiwi beer.

I could not walk in a straight line, let alone write, so it's a good thing I never asked for notes. However, Eddie will appreciate some good tips for Auckland bars!

Eddie Jones hopes to upset New Zealand in Twickenham on Saturday afternoon


The ex-bouncer Karl Tu inukuafe has some big boots to be filled in melting in place of Joe Moody. It is 21st 3 pounds and nominated for turning player of the year, but technique is more important than weight when it comes to discrediting. His opposite number Kyle Sinckler made his best match in an English shirt against South Africa and I can not wait to see "Young Bull" transfer this trust.

The key is to keep a small space in the effort and use the blow to influence the position of you inukuafe. If he does it a couple of times, the ref decisions start to make their way. As for England's bouncer, it must be Mark Wilson … absolute fingernails!

If England's tighthead prop, Ben Moon, wore a black shirt, he would also be nominated for the most revolutionary player of the year. I played rugby at middle age groups with Moony and he always started before me. He was playing in the Championship a few years ago, but he worked with his socks and I loved it when he destroyed Duane Vermeulen last week.

He is aggressive and clean in the melee, so he rarely gives penalties, but pursues his narrow heads. It clashes with Owen Franks, who is technically world class and shows no sign of slowing even though he has over 100 appearances. He even took a protein shake at his wedding!

The ex-bouncer Karl Tu inukuafe has some big boots to be filled in melting in place of Joe Moody


You can not give double-digit penalty and expect to beat the All Blacks. They conceded 12 last week and the group needs to clean up their defensive ills.

Personally, I would look to "fire" the driving maul; this means that we do not jump on the lineout but we try to knock them down as soon as they land. This turns the hammer into a ruck and the attackers can exert a little more pressure on Aaron Smith's box kicks.

Jerome Garces is in charge and is not afraid to show his cards. He sent Sonny Bill Williams in the second test against the lions. Richie McCaw used to run away with murder, but kiwis do not have anyone who can influence a game as much as they used to.

England suffered 12 penalties last week and the group needed to clean up their defensive ills

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