Everyone in the kitchen: Viewers discover the recipe and freak out

The viewers of Tous en cuisine are intractable. As a reminder: the show stages Cyril Lignac from his kitchen, who invites you to cook at the same time as him, step by step. Each evening, he presents two recipes for four people. His clerk, Jérôme Anthony, accompanies him by videoconference. It is one of the biggest boxes of M6, which has also decided to extend the program until the end of May. The stars understood that it was the show in which it had to be seen, and they are now very numerous to parade (it goes from JoeyStarr to Alex Lutz). But Monday evening, it was not the guests who pissed the viewers. These are … Peas. Obviously, Cyril Lignac has a little too much tendency to put it in all the recipes and it is not (or more) to everyone’s taste. So when the chef announced that they were part of the ingredients in his guacamole, Internet users simply fell for it. Will the message get through?

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