Everyone interprets the VfGH decision differently

After the VfGH ruling on Wednesday regarding the handling of the corona rules, a patchwork carpet was formed in Austria. The procedures of the Austrian State Police Directorates (LPDs) range from the suspension in Vienna to continuing as before in Tyrol, according to the results of a survey by the APA federal state offices on the action of the LPDs in the respective federal states on Friday.

Ministry of Interior finds legal situation “unclear”

The Ministry of the Interior currently considers the legal situation regarding the corona protective measures according to the VfGH’s knowledge of the initial restrictions to be “unclear”. That is why it gave the state police directorates on Thursday to consult with the responsible health authorities and the further legal procedure “within their sphere of activity to clarify”.

In Vienna, the state police directorate decided after a meeting with MA15 to refrain from reporting and organ mandates until clarification. On Friday, the Vienna City Administration criticized the APA’s approach to clarifying the situation at the state level because it was a nationwide question because it was a matter of laws and regulations. It is a nationwide question because it concerns nationwide laws and regulations. The Vienna police emphasized that laws and regulations and their content relate to the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. However, the health authorities of the federal states are again responsible for enforcement, but the executive is involved in enforcement.

Salzburg acts “basically defensive”

In the far west, in Vorarlberg, the motto after the VfGH decision is “reluctance” to file reports and to collect organ mandates. First of all, “everything will now be checked”, as requested by APA from the office of Governor Markus Wallner was called. In Tyrol there is initially no change in the procedure, which means that if the worst comes to the worst, it will still be punished, according to a police spokesman. To date, there has also been no contrary order from the health authority, which is primarily responsible. However, complaints or organ mandates occur above all in the event of repeated violations, otherwise warnings will be issued.

The strategy in the city of Salzburg is “basically defensive”, as the magistrate said. The State Police Directorate Salzburg was still on Friday afternoon without a decision on how to proceed. A spokeswoman for the country announced that it would be observed in the next few days how the new regulation, which has been in force since today, will be observed by the population.

In Carinthia, “in an emergency” continues to be punished, in each case on instructions from the health authorities, the state press service said. The basis is upright regulations. In principle, however, it is not about punishment, but about educating. In Styria, as before, warnings are given and only then punished for serious violations or punishments and reports that are given if they are not clear. This was agreed with the office of the Styrian state government.

Lower Austria focuses on raising awareness

The police in Lower Austria want to counter violations by raising awareness and raising awareness. “In serious cases, we reserve the right to notify the district administrative authority,” said a spokesman on request.

“No reason to question the penalties,” Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) said on Friday at a press conference in Vienna. However, even in the Upper Austrian homeland of Upper Austria, the Constitutional Court (VfGH) ruled that it would no longer be punished. Anschober emphasized that the executive is only about enforcement. A discussion with the Ministry of the Interior will be sought in the coming days for clarification. (apa)

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