Everyone just wants to sleep: what does the "vitamin of the sun" do?

Where do these trends come from? This is one
Interaction of many factors, says Schatz: "The pharmaceutical companies that use the
Prepare or distribute medications to people who care about their health
cost and average that already like the titles of small studies
do. "

So vitamin D supplements are not suitable for anyone
useful for?

For people with one
severe deficiency-that is, a value of ng / ml less than 10-are vitamin D supplements
actually essential. Above all, older people are at riskthat
they are bedridden and barely reach the door, the children understand it
Vitamin D for the prevention of rickets, as well People with the
chronic intestinal osteomalacia.
Also men and women with
Renal weakness or a failure of parathyroid function must
supplement. In osteoporosis vitamin D supplements belong to
Basic therapy, but this is no longer indisputable. "For
All other people, there are no recommendations, additional vitamin D supplements
take, "says Schatz.

It hurts when I take preventive vitamin D

This depends on the dosage. "If one
a healthy person consumes 1000 units a day, it's not dangerous, "he says
Treasure. On the Internet, however, there are numerous high-dose preparations up to
10,000 units. Anyone who takes a longer period of time threatens one
Possible consequence: nausea and vomiting up to kidney stones
and cardiac arrhythmias. Who wants to take supplements, should
It is better to discuss it with your doctor.

How can I save my vitamin D memory naturally

"In which I regularly go to the open air", says Schatz: "The best of the sun and with the face discovered and
hands uncovered. "It does not have to be hours, only 20 minutes a day.
But then please without sunscreen! Because sunscreen protects our skin
Even against UV rays, it also blocks the formation of vitamin D.

Vitamin D providers are also good fat fish
like herring, eel, salmon or mackerel
If you do not like fish, you can join
Mushrooms, eggs, butter, margarine and milk. She too
contain vitamin D – though not enough.

"Our body can also contain vitamin D
Store the subcutaneous fat and also in the liver, "says Schatz:" reserves,
that take us through the winter. "And what many love to forget: even in the
The sun shines from time to time in the winter. So whoever is regularly outside the door and away
and from time to time a decent mushroom omelette it usually comes
do not be afraid of vitamin D deficiency

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