“Everyone laughs except you, you want to die”: the painful confessions of Inès Reg on the harassment she suffered

Ines Reg fully assumes her small size today and that did not prevent her from establishing herself among the greatest comedians of the moment. But it was not always easy and she lived through a more difficult period a few years ago, as she confided in A good school, children against harassment, a documentary from Canal +.

As a child, she suffered from repeated hurtful remarks. “I was harassed from elementary school because of my small size. Until 5th grade, I have very bad memories. Yet that’s when we start to build ourselves”.

As is often the case in bullying stories, a young girl at her school made her the scapegoat for the class. “When I was at school, there was a girl who was popular (…). Sometimes, I was her friend so I spent days too well, and then other days she had decided that I was no longer his girlfriend. Suddenly, everyone was laughing. It was very hard. It was this girl who managed whether I was happy or not “, she said.

I have so many memories of myself alone in the playground, walking and waiting for time to pass

At one point, this situation became unbearable. “There is a period when it was really hard, people made fun of me all the time. The worst is when in silence we throw the valve at you: the one that stings, that hurts, and everyone laughs except you. You want to die. I have so many memories of myself alone in the playground, walking and waiting for time to pass so I can find my family “ she added.

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It was only that she managed to overcome this: “Overnight, we decide to laugh about it because we ask ourselves the right questions: ‘How can my height determine whether or not I have friends?’ It was from that moment that I decided that my size would be an asset, my charm “.

Making her small size a strength, a way of differentiating herself and regaining power, Ines succeeded. But unfortunately it remains difficult for others.

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