Everyone must help themselves! Dai Diana reveals the situation with COVID-19 It’s really heavy now.

Everyone must help themselves! Dai Diana reveals the situation with COVID-19 It’s really heavy now.

Date 27 July 2021 time 13:00

“Dai Diana” telling the truth may seem mean. But the COVID-19 situation It’s really heavy now.

For the actress “Dai-Diana Chong Imagination” who has come out to devote all her time to volunteer Establish a Foundation We Must Survive to help and coordinate for COVID-19 patients.

Recently, the news has come out to reveal the truth of the Covid-19 situation. Now that’s very heavy She asked everyone to be strong and help themselves first. which has the message “Please allow me to speak frankly. In normal times, it would seem cruel, but this is the truth. Now everyone must be strong and have to help themselves first.”

“Bed – No, no, no. There weren’t thousands of infected people before. Now ten thousand …. Let’s say we add a bed. How to add a bed, doctors and nurses are the same.”

“HOME ISOLATION, detain yourself, stay at home. Take medicine according to symptoms. Keep watching and measure your own OXYGEN. Contact for registration at 1330 press 14 or @1668.reg to ask for medicine.

“Now every night OXYGEN DROP 80 70 have to keep oxygen at home while oxygen 50 40 30 try to send a team to look after and push the oxygen up to sustain and give the team time. We must survive in Coordinate with relevant agencies to request antiviral drugs which cannot be provided in the event that The symptoms are not severe….”

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“Ask for a bed – not really. Can anyone help me out? I will call immediately. Ask for generic medicine according to symptoms. – Ask for name, address, phone number. Ask for antiviral drugs – must be registered and prescribed by a doctor.

“This war on disease is wreaking havoc on us non-stop. We don’t give up on it. Take medicine. Fight it. Some people can’t stop taking photos. Vomiting does not stop and refused to eat Relatives must sit and support And cheer to sip. Keep going.”

“If the doctor prescribes the medicine, you must take it as the doctor writes.”

“Now all departments Everyone is helping each other as best they can. But there are really a lot of cases, really overflowing.”

“Understand the patient I understand that all relatives are anxious. and confused and don’t know what to do Well, if the only way now is to take care of yourself we do our best Let’s help each other as much as possible……”

“The situation is really heavy. #We must survive.


PS: But if you really can’t take it Maybe it’s better for us to be with our parents in the last moments. parting without saying goodbye


because this is the truth.”


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