Everything done for orderly Brexit


DFrom the point of view of its outgoing Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU has done everything in its power to facilitate an orderly Brexit. Now it is up to the British Parliament whether it agrees to the revised exit agreement, said Juncker on Tuesday in the European Parliament. EU Council President Donald Tusk said that the situation in London was “complex” after Britain requested a renewed postponement of Brexit over the weekend. He will decide on the next steps “in the coming days”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced by the London House of Commons on Saturday to request a postponement of Brexit's planned for October 31st. In the evening he sent a letter to Brussels. At the same time, Johnson made it clear in another letter that he did not want a move and intends to bring the EU's exit agreement through the UK Parliament until the end of October.

He is now discussing the way forward with the leaders, Tusk said. The decision will “very much depend on what the UK Parliament decides or does not decide”. The EU must therefore prepare for each scenario. But he made it clear to Prime Minister Johnson that “a no-deal Brexit will never be our decision.”

He'll “always regret Brexit,” Juncker said. However, the more than three-year long talks about leaving have been “a waste of time and a waste of energy.” The EU has been less able to focus on other projects for the benefit of its citizens.



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