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Posted: October 16, 2020 | 4:55 PM

Disney announced the production of “She-Hulk” during the 2019 D23 convention, where they only showed the official logo and that it will premiere on Disney +.

However, at the beginning of September, rumors appeared on the internet that indicated that an actress had already been confirmed to play this character from the Marvel Universe.

It was announced that Tatiana Maslany was chosen to play this role, and it was highly celebrated, but the joy was left behind when the actress denied this news.

In an interview with the Regina Leader Post, the interviewer said her performance would be fantastic, but Maslany replied that nothing that appeared on the internet is real, she also has no idea how the news spread and denied the reports.

He stated that he had previously been contacted for this role, but there was nothing official, although he does not rule out the idea that he would like to play She-Hulk. Meanwhile, the vacancy remains available.


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