Everything is for metal, musicians prepare for Hell and Heaven

After the highest peak of the pandemicthe concerts were reactivated, including those of metaland musical genre full of contrasts: on the one hand, the bands are looking for spaces to present themselves to a demanding public that covers their demand with foreign offers, on the other, they have the need to find how to generate economic resources to cover daily expenses and not stop producing song.

Today begins Hell and Heaven, the last metal festival of the year in Mexico that presents more than 100 bands and which modified its lineup on several occasions

three of the groupings that are presented there talk about the difficulties to give life to a genre that has passion as its strongest weapon to survive.

The leaders of Ace Kool, Surgery y Nygma agree on the need to turn towards the new social networks as Tik Tok to get young audiences closer to the metal genre, however, they recognize that prejudices and social stigma They play against them and push them to stick with less risky strategies.

On the other hand, they say that the national gangs are gaining ground in festivals y presentationsbut in order to be the main exponents, you need to continue working, making music professionally and relying on networking, in a few words: seeing music as a serious job and not as a hobby.

Living on music and metal

On November 19, Gallerolead singer of Ace Kool, asked in his social networks if anyone knew of a part time job or on the night shift. Two days later he put up for sale a series of jackets and windbreakers that he claimed were from his personal collection, but he needed the money to cover some earrings.

“Living off music is difficult, but you can, you have to hold on. I keep doing it because I like it, because I feel that need; Currently, based on a long carreraI’m living off music. not only of metalyou have to combine various dynamics to have a life based on music”.

For the leader of Ace Kool, a metal band that was born in 2018 in Guadalajara Jalisco, “the musician is currently being a craftsman more than an artist. There are musicians who have their recording studio and apart from music they have another entrepreneurship that goes hand in hand and thanks to both you can make a living from it”.

Gallero points out that the lack of resources is compensated with the technology development.

“It depends a lot on creativity and how nailed the person is, but undoubtedly the technological resource has changed the music world and it has allowed more people to do it”.

He says that despite how difficult it may be get resourcesAs the leader of a metal band, music is a lifestyle for him.

“Honestly, I can’t see myself in a life without getting together with my friends to make music and without taking it to other places and other people. He is a Lifestyle that I took many years ago, I don’t see it any other way. And even if I didn’t make a living from this, I would continue doing it because it is my passion, my life”.

Gallero decided sing in spanish because she likes it more than English, “it makes me more nourished and beautiful, besides, I think and feel in Spanish”, although she does not rule out writing in English one day.

On the other hand, he considers that in Mexico people need to believe more in the national talent and the talent also needs to earn that confidence to get metal festivals now headlined by national bands.

“Norwegian metal and from other countries was born there and became strong because the people there made it strong and then it was exported, I feel that we lack that here: that the same Mexican begins to consume mexican metal bands and that the same bands do things with greater awareness, unity and as something more serious to earn the respect of the public”.

Gallero has been making music for 18 years and now, as head of the New Blood Stage in the Hell and Heavenhe feels the need to look for bigger stages.

“Being the head of the stage is a recognition of the hard work that Ace Kool has put in. It’s something we’ve earned, but it doesn’t end there. The challenge is to know that if we get there, we can aspire to more”

GalleroAce Kool Vocalist

This is not the first time that Ace Kool has performed at the Hell and Heaven festival. The last edition, which was prior to the pandemic and where they canceled several international bands because there were no flights, it led them to close a main stage.

“The spaces in the festivals are very fought, there are few and there are many proposals, but a band that really works and does things well attracts the attention of promoters and the public. I think the table is set for everyone.”

About promotion through social networks considers that “the fact that metal bands do not access certain networks or tools is nothing more than a matter of being foolish or ‘true’ because they are for everyone, the thing is to have the ingenuity and open mind to use them in the way in which we would like them to work and reach the audience we want.

“In the case of Tik TokFor example, I don’t use it, but 15-year-olds do, so if we want to reach that public we have to learn to use them, maybe we won’t go out doing the challenges, but we can show what metal is about and there will be people who will like it”.

He points out that the fight is always that, because “metal is countercultural and goes against what is socially accepted and it will always be like that, but what we need is to appropriate the tools and do it our way. We can use a Tik Tok, but going against everything that does not represent us and I think that we should do that to gain ground.

“Because we are counterculture, but we like that our message reach more people, that’s why we play, that’s why we go out, because we want our voice to be heard”.

In Mexico people need to believe more in national talent and they also need to earn that trust to ensure that metal festivals are now headed by national bands

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