“Everything is getting more expensive”, just not the “Nintendo Switch price”

Energy prices are currently going through the roof. Even if fuels such as petrol and diesel are currently a few cents cheaper than a few weeks ago: life is becoming more expensive! Not only felt everything is more expensive. The semiconductor chip shortage, additional costs in production and logistics therefore also affect electronic devices. And what about our favorite hobby? Nintendo wants to keep the Switch price. for now.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furakawa recently said that “at this point in time” the company has no plans to increase the price of the Switch family of consoles to “avoid people being priced out”. This statement comes after sales of the current Nintendo console fell by more than 20 percent from the previous months due to the ongoing shortage of semiconductors. The whole thing has led to a profit slump of a whopping 29 percent.

“We’re not considering it at this time for two reasons,” the Nintendo president said to Nikkei Asia in an interview. “In order to provide unique entertainment to a wide range of customers, we want to avoid over-pricing people. Our competition is the variety of entertainment in the world and we always think about pricing based on the value of the fun we offer.”

Nintendo Switch price remains the same: “Improvement in sight”

How is Nintendo doing in sourcing semiconductor chips? An important question in which Furakawa “Prospect of improvement”. The sales forecast of 21 million switch units for the fiscal year ending in March 2023 gives a “clear production outlook”. But the Nintendo president sees the future somewhat negatively: “Beyond that, things are uncertain.”

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Demand exceeds supply, at least for semiconductors. Nintendo is not considering a price increase for the Switch console. The company wants to maintain “the momentum of the overall business.” So far, Nintendo sold more than 110 million consoles and would like to earn money primarily with software.

OLED model not very profitable: Compared to the standard and Lite models, the Switch OLED continues to be “less profitable”. Above all, Nintendo sees the price increases in logistics, not only by air but also by sea.

Nintendo wants to score points with players, especially with new software like Splatoon 3, which will be released in early September. – (C)Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is currently continuously available from us. The OLED model gets you around 335.80 euros at Amazon.de. The standard version costs 282.35 euros at Amazon.de. By the way, it will be this and next fiscal year no Nintendo Switch Pro give.

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