Everything is ready to face Lebanon and Brazil in the Davis Cup

The President of the Lebanese Tennis Federation, Oliver Faisal, announced that Lebanon is ready to face Brazil in the Davis Cup Men’s World Group 1 final, which will be held at the first stadium of the Lebanese Automobile and Tourism Club in Kaslik on Saturday and Sunday.
Faisal’s words came during the press conference held this afternoon (Wednesday) at the headquarters of the host club and attended by his deputies, Serge Zwain and Hassan Daouk, Secretary General Raymond Katura, Treasurer Desiree Khalifa, Accountant Mirna Abu Murad Khoury and Head of the Technical Committee Nahia Abu Khalil.
The Spaniard Gonzalo Senoda, delegated by the International Tennis Federation and general referee Ashraf Hammouda, the press and media, the coach of the Lebanese team Fadi Youssef and the coach of the Brazilian team, Jaime Oliveira, also attended.
Faisal said, “Lebanon occupies 36th place in the world, facing Brazil, which occupies 26th place, which is the first confrontation in the Davis Cup, and it is not easy, and I ask the players to make a great effort, but to play without pressure, for the sake of Lebanon, which we have faith that it will not die and that There is great hope in his resurrection, and sports are the window to cross.”
Faisal thanked the Lebanese Automobile and Tourism Club for placing its facilities at the disposal of the Federation, the current Davis Cup team coach Fadi Youssef and the former Nasri Al-Ashkar, and saluted the players Benjamin Hassan, Hadi Habib, Hassan Ibrahim, Michel Saadeh and Roy Tabet, who will arrive tomorrow (Thursday) to Lebanon.
Zwain welcomed everyone to the headquarters of the Lebanese Automobile and Touring Club, wishing the Lebanese national team success.
Coach Fadi Youssef said, “The players are in full readiness, the training is intense daily, the team’s morale is very high and their physical fitness is in the best shape, and the meeting is not easy, especially since the Brazilian players’ rating is better than the Lebanese players.”
In turn, the coach of the Brazilian team, Jaime Oliveira, said, “I heard a lot about Lebanese tennis, and the Lebanese player Benjamin Hassan had previously faced one of the Brazilian players in the Vienna Austrian tournament a short time ago.”

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