“Everything is very bad there”: Tom Henderson shared a forecast on the timing of the release of Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream

Last week, a well-known industry insider Tom Henderson released a video about studio Quantic Dream and problematic development announced at The Game Awards 2021 adventure game Star Wars Eclipse… The video came out right before Christmas and was missed by many. Today, the informant again drew the attention of readers to him and shared additional information.

According to the latest estimates, the game will not be released until 2026-2027, Henderson wrote.… Officially, Quantic Dream has been working on it for 18 months, but still does not even have a rough test playable version on hand. In fact, the studio is only at the beginning of the journey, having difficulties with the engine and trying to come up with a multiplayer mode in addition to the single player.

According to Henderson, the studio is also struggling to attract new talent to its ranks, as its reputation has been tarnished by scandals involving accusations of harassment, homophobia and racism among executives.

Recall that the game is announced for release at PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC… It is created with the support of the company Lucasfilm Games.

The official description of Star Wars Eclipse is as follows:

“Star Wars Eclipse is the first game that will allow you to explore the distant reaches of the Outer Rim during The High Republic, also known as the Golden Age of the Jedi Order. The project draws on Quantic Dream’s decades of experience in the branching narrative that underpins this The French team will go one step further, with player choice at the heart of the game, as each action has dramatic consequences that dynamically change the storyline.

The composition of the authors includes a wide staff of specialists of a very different profile – from game developers to scriptwriters, each of whom loves the Star Wars universe with all his heart. Star Wars Eclipse will take you to unfamiliar parts of a distant galaxy, where you will find original storylines, presented from the perspective of new characters, each with their own destiny, abilities and unique roles.

Star Wars Eclipse is in the early stages of production right now. Two offices are responsible for the creation of the project – the Parisian office in France and the Montreal office in Canada. Quantic Dream itself will be directly responsible for global publishing processes. Right now, the studio is also actively expanding – we are inviting employees of the highest profile. “

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