“Everything that was affirmed yesterday about the Hospital is false, it is only intended to create social alarm” | Radio Palencia

After the worrying X-ray of the Hospital Río Carrión, that we knew yesterday in the plenary session of the City Council, when the Socialist spokesperson, Miriam Andrés, read a message from a doctor from CAUPA, which recounted the situation that exists there derived from the incidence of the coronavirus, the Territorial Delegation of the Board has wanted to deny point by point all the accusations. As he Delegate José Antonio Rubio Mielgo, As the Healthcare Manager, Juan López Mesa, have agreed to qualify as absolute irresponsibility the statements and believe that it is only trying to create social alarm and ask for collaboration to let professionals work in this complicated situation.

They claim that affirming that patients are transferred due to lack of space is a lack of rigor, since transfers to other referral centers are a common practice since the beginning of the pandemic and only three coronavirus patients have been transferred to Valladolid since forever. According to the accusation of the existence of a dangerous fungus in one of the rooms of the Covid patients, they assure that it is also false, since precisely, in this room, patients with defenses deficits have been grouped together who, due to their aggressive treatments, have developed fungal infections and the aim is to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the hospital .

They also ensure that they are not delaying the consultations of chronic pathologies nor by delaying the care of cancer patients, nor are emergency cancer patients being operated on, since health care in this area has not been stopped at any time.

Refering to lack of nurses, they explain that the maximum that can be hired from the job bank has been hired and that the limitations are given by the agreement reached so that the staff vacation period this year extends until October 31, which may cause changes in non-preferential surgeries.

Finally they have recalled that there are more appropriate channels than a WhatsApp message, so that the hospital staff can transfer their doubts, complaints or proposals.

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