News "Everything torn open, breasts torn, neck." Huskies who...

“Everything torn open, breasts torn, neck.” Huskies who have escaped from home in Garkalne district have bitten three dogs – Pets – Nature and animals

“At that moment, if those two dogs meet, I have a small dog and a child, what should I do?” Alina asked in the show.

She has applied to the Garkalne Municipal Police, who has forwarded the case to the Food and Veterinary Service (FVS), where administrative proceedings have now been initiated.

Marek Samohvalov, the head of the FVS North Pieriga administration, indicated in the program that if these situations are proven, the FVS will talk to dog owners.

“One aspect is administrative responsibility, the other is that the danger of dogs to society may need to be assessed, then dogs can be subjected to sterilization, training and euthanasia,” the FVS spokesman said in Study 4.

The hostess of Hasky Sheila and Frodo agreed to meet with “Study 4”, remaining anonymous. He claimed that the dogs had not fled the house so far, but that construction work had begun in the neighboring yard and the topsoil had been removed, trees and shrubs had been cut and a hole had formed in the fence which the owners had not noticed on 28 August.

Seeing the news of two stray huskies on social networks and recognizing them as their own, they went looking for animals. On September 7, the dogs faded because they were only temporarily out of sight.

After what happened when no one was home, one dog was at the chain and the other at the aviary. They no longer have a chance to escape, the Husky owner said in the show

“Right now we’ve closed the hole where the dogs tried to escape, they don’t go through anymore. We don’t let the dogs into the garden any more than we used to let them run. Now they’re on a leash, have a long leash that is looking again for an opportunity – new holes and new places to get away, “revealed the hostess.

She also said that the two dogs would go to the cynologist in the coming days. The hostess admitted in the show that she had not previously known about such a characteristic of the Husky character – to hunt smaller siblings.

“We are as excited as everyone else… We are very sorry that this has happened. We extend our deepest condolences to the owners of these dogs, we ourselves have been very stressed about this incident,” she said.

However, the owners of biting dogs have a question as to why the animals are being brought to the cynologist only now and both huskies are being bred and why, before making a choice for such pets, the owners did not know everything about the breed’s specific activities.

Mārtiņš Kristons, a long-time connoisseur of huskies, who currently has nine animals of this breed, describes huskies as very primitive dogs. Of all the dogs, the Husky is the closest to the wolves, and does not hunt man, but himself.

“By nature, husky is darling.

The first thing I want to say is to reassure everyone who is worried about young children and people. Husky, by nature, never bites man.

He can, of course, be taught by an aggressive owner to bite anyone – animal, human. But a normal husky does not bite a person in itself, “Christon emphasized in the show.

However, he could not reassure him that the Huskies could not endanger other animals. “Husky is a hunter by nature. And anyone who is smaller and doesn’t know the language of dogs, he just catches them and bites them,” Christon said. He added that there have been cases where his own dogs have escaped.

If the husky owner wants to be responsible and make sure that the dog does not endanger others, there is only one solution, said the husky connoisseur in the show.

“The solution is to make a fence where the dog is not out. He is very smart, he can be out of any fence. But the solutions are. It can be done,” said Christon.



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