Everything you want to know about the company "Ambro" is the sponsor of Ahli's clothes. The clubs and the most important teams sponsored by


The company "Umbro"English, from obtaining the sponsorship rights of the Ahli clothing club, after the termination of the contract with the company," Sporta "Saudi Arabia.

The company "Umbro"With several international companies to obtain sponsorship rights for Ahli's new garments, in particular companies: Adidas – Puma – Nike – New Balance, which the British company has managed to win the offers to sponsor the clothes of the red giant in the next period.

Reviews "Fajr Sports"In this report the most important information on the company" Ambro "sponsor of the new Ahli chiefs: –

– Ambro was founded by Harold Humphreys and his brother Wallace in a small workshop in Wilmslow, England, on May 23, 1924, and the name "Umbro" was inspired by Humphreys Brothers.

– The first appearance of "Ambro" in the FA Cup final in 1934, when both the Manchester City and Portsmouth teams wore the sets made by the company. Other teams supplied by the company in the 1930s and 1940s were Sheffield United, Preston North End, Manchester United and Blackpool.

– Ambro is the official sports producer of the FA Cup and the official sponsor of the FA, being the exclusive supplier of championship balls.

– In 1952, the British team at the Summer Olympics wore Ambro clothing sets, tailored to meet the needs of their individual sports.

– In 1957, Ambro entered the tennis market and produced sportswear in collaboration with Ted Teniling, which extended for three decades.

– Brazil became the first World Cup champion to wear Ambro in 1958, and two years later, Manchester United signed an exclusive agreement with the brand to become the first football player under Ambro's auspices.

– The English national team won their only title in 1966 wearing Ambro (the agreement was signed in 1954).

Celtic, the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967, got dressed in Ambro and Liverpool won the first four of the five European cups in 1977, 1981 and 1984.

– In 1974, the founder of Ambro, Harold Humphreys, died and his sons John and Stewart took over the management of the company.

– England wore Ambro shirts by choice until 1974, when the Football Association, promoted by England manager Don Rural, sold Jersey rights to Admiral Sportswear.

– In 1986, Ambro started manufacturing his soccer shoes

– In 1994, Brazil won the fourth world title in the United States, Ajax (1995), Manchester United (1999), the Champions League and the Tokyo Intercontinental Cup. Everyone wore Ambro,.

Since 2012 Ambro is a member of the American brand ICONIX and Ambro currently designs, exports and sells football, footwear and equipment and its products are sold in over 90 countries worldwide.

– The most important clubs and teams sponsored by the company "Ambro":

Everton – West Ham United – Hull City – Derby County – Bournemouth – Blackburn Rovers – Eindhoven – Werder Bremen – Huddersfield – Schalke – Leg Osaka – Atletico Barnesi – CSKA Moscow – Jamaica – Canada.



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