Two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva became a guest of the “Central Television” program on NTV and talked about her autobiography, depression, fast food and personal life. Sport24 has collected all the fun.

About autobiography

– There are no plans to publish the book soon, as I am now in the process of recording all the interesting moments of my life. My life is quite eventful, even if you look at it superficially, but it contains a lot more details than many people think.

Regarding revelations: there may be something really interesting, but now the team and I are not in the process of writing to release it this year rather than next.

Will there be any scandals? My goal is not to make any revelations or scandals. I just would like to tell you about the brightest moments of my life, what exactly I experienced and felt while experiencing all this. I would like to create a more positive aura.

About preparing for the season

– Now there is no opportunity to fly somewhere. There are a lot of Russian competitions planned, for this season I had to stay here. But this does not mean at all that Brian (Orser) and I have lost any connection. Almost every day we get in touch, when the time difference allows us, we conduct exactly the same trainings as in Canada.

I want to say that I was very lucky with the people who surround me here – Elena Germanovna Buyanova, Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova. That is, I am not alone, I am under supervision, Brian and I are working and preparing for the new season.

Horrible ways to win medals

– Probably the most terrible moment was when it was unknown who cut the laces of one girl. Perhaps they just burst.

I want to say that in modern sports there is no such physical war. Probably, this is due to the fact that now there is such a thing as the Internet – more terrible, the war is more informational than physical.

On the death of Catherine Alexandrovskaya

– I was really very worried. I can’t say that we were very good and close friends, but we knew each other, probably from the very beginning. We started skating together. I saw how she went through difficulties, how she changed the country, how she changed the form from singles to doubles.

For me, of course, it was an absolute shock what happened. I made a great post on Instagram to remind people to think before speaking or writing something to a person. Because we do not know what is going on inside, what is happening in a person’s life. Perhaps we can say something superfluous.

Yes, probably, if we go out on the ice, we look very calm, collected, but this does not mean at all that we are the same inside. Because we are people too, we are also worried, worried. Sometimes it is very, very difficult for us.

About a terrible depression

– I will not lie: this, of course, happened. If I say yes no, I know perfectly well how to get out of all situations … No. When I am in this state, I keep reminding myself how many wonderful people I have around me. I was lucky with my family, I was lucky with the coach, I was lucky with my friends. They keep me from falling into a state of despair.


– What are you afraid of more than anything else?
– It won’t work out briefly. I’m afraid of butterflies – this is probably the shortest answer. I am terribly afraid of them.

– Do you eat fast food?
– Yes. Wrong.

– What to do if the suit breaks during the performance?
– Do not mention it. And then just laugh at it.

– If not a skater, then what would you become?
– I can’t imagine my life without figure skating. But this would clearly be related to creativity.

– Do you already have a boyfriend?
– Personal is not public.

– What victory are you most proud of?
– All the victories that brought me medals. Thanks to them, I am now sitting here.

– What act in your life are you most ashamed of?
– There’s no such thing. There are awkward moments, but I’m not ashamed of anything. Because if, perhaps, I had not done something strange in the past, I would not be what I am now in the present.

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