Evidence against hoaxes: vaccines are the safest medications that exist

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“Opinions and conjectures” about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines proliferate again, mainly hoaxes that are magnified on social networks; so from the Collegiate Medical Organization We want to make some considerations of interest to citizens.

Vaccines are the safest medicines there area statement that is based on the experience accumulated over decades of widespread use in millions of people, the scientific information in the technical sheet and a regulated notification system of adverse effects that may occur after marketing, which It is available to professionals and users in NotificaRAM.

It is a system that establishes guarantees through registered clinical trials and post-authorization studies. This procedure was respected during the vaccination process in the pandemic. Covid-19where the alarming situation favored a consensus among the countries involved that managed to accelerate their distribution by streamlining administrative procedures, without detriment to the quality, safety and control requirements of the trials.

Vaccines They are very effective, and they have managed to eradicate diseases such as smallpox; This is not the case in the case of poliomyelitis, where the virus has been detected again in rivers in large cities, which represents a alarming setback which justifies the intensification of vaccination guidelines throughout the world and forces the design of new strategies.

When vaccines are stopped, cases of almost forgotten but potentially deadly diseases such as diphtheria increase. Younger doctors had not seen cases before the generalization of anti-vaccine movements, paradoxically driven by people who do not have any qualifications in the health sciences. The flu vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization due to infection by 52% and the greatest progress against Covid-19 was achieved when we had access to mass vaccinationwith a significant decrease in morbidity and fatality indicators compared to the previous ones.

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