“Evoland Legendary Edition” PS4 / Switch Traditional Chinese version will be released on October 28 “Evoland Legendary Edition”

H2 Interactive announced that it will officially launch the RPG developed by Shiro Games on the PlayStation Store and Hong Kong Nintendo eShop on October 28th.Legendary Edition》PS4 / Nintendo Switch version. Support Traditional/Simplified Chinese and English.

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  《Land of evolution“It is a historical tour of action and adventure games, allowing players to gradually unlock various technologies, gameplay, and screen upgrades in the development of the game industry as the game progresses. “Evolutionary Land” is inspired by many classic role-playing game series. It takes players through the evolution of the screen from monochrome to full 3D, transitioning from simple battles to real-time BOSS battles, and adds the classic humor elements of each game.

  《Land of Evolution 2“Is a brand new work that inherits the spirit of its predecessors, retaining the series tradition that the picture changes with time and the gameplay evolves with the story. The scale is expanded and it becomes a real role-playing work, whether it is based on time-traveling scenes, characters with their own background stories and determination, or the ever-changing gameplay between stories and characters.

This work is full of humorous elements, and pays tribute to a large number of classic works, “Land of Evolution 2》Presenting players with a truly epic adventure and a brand new game experience.


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