Evra falls completely on Snapchat and takes (again) PSG and Rothen – Ligue 1


The former Manchester United player again chases PSG and Jérôme Rothen in a video.

"I am a Parisian and I am proud of it". As surprising as it may seem, these words, collected by Darren Tullett for Nike Football France in 2010, are those of … Patrice Evra. Born in Dakar from a Senegalese father and a Cape Verdean mother, the former international tricolor (81 sel.) Grew up in Ulis. Since then, the water flows under the bridges … And in particular we have seen the Evra Gausser PSG, eliminated by his former club, Manchester United, in the eighth finals of the Champions League. Evra, who was particularly demonstrative in the stands of the Parc des Princes, before physically threatening Jerome Rothen in a video and treating the PSG club "baltringhe" in another message. End of the story? Not exactly …

At the very least, the boy must be given credit: he has many ideas. Here it goes on the same register and with the same goals, Paris and Rothen, onwards Snapchat. In a flowery style. 45 seconds of poetry … "Paris, you are a fool!" And the former Red Devil to add, returning to this unlikely MU victory on the banks of the Seine, despite a dozen absent players: "Here are men who talk. We put team D! Even C … you we have settled in. Little ones, they have played, they are the ones who cleaned my shoes … They don't even have sperm (!!). And you're there, Paris, do red carpets, all this … But strips of batta " . Everything before concluding, in the form of new threats against his former team-mate in Monaco: "Rothen, I'll do it Face Slapping his mother." Atmosphere … We thought we had seen everything with him, but the ex chopper Knysna, shot by OM after hitting a Marseille fan just in November 2017, is certainly resourceful … Except this time, he may have gone overboard. Uncontrollable.

Short memory and hanging language

"If I ever wanted to play in Paris? Of course, he said, still in this sequence dating back to a time when PSG was not yet from Qatar. I did a survey at PSG, I was 10 years old. They told me:" They are good, but too small. "Afterwards, I have no resentment against PSG. I come from Paris and it hurts, sometimes, not to understand why Paris is not in the Champions League, because Paris does not have a great team. It is still the capital. And I know that the day Paris wins the title, it will be worse than in 98 on the Champs-Elysees, for example … "I'm not sure that Patrice Evra, 37, is welcome at the next Paris Saint- Germain on the most beautiful road in the world …



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