Entertainment Ex de La Liendra makes it clear that the...

Ex de La Liendra makes it clear that the influencer is the «greatest farce of the networks»

Mercedes Uhia, ex-girlfriend of the influencer The Nit, He came across a statement on Instagram from his ex-partner.

The followers of La Liendra asked him in that social network about how many girlfriends has he had.

The influencer replied that They have been few and he even mentioned the names of his ex-partners.

“I haven’t had many girlfriends, what’s more, I’m going to say the names; the first girlfriend was called María Fernanda, the second with whom I lasted four years was called Yulieth and the last was Luisa, of the rest I have not had more “, said.

As the statements passed, it came out Mercedes Uhia, one of La Liendra’s ex-partners, who initially She unblocked the WhatsApp influencer to “thank” him for not naming her.

“Thank you very much for not saying my name today in your stories”, the woman wrote him.

Later in the conversation, La Liendra reminded him that it was she who left him at “the moment when he most needed him”, to which Mercedes He replied that their relationship ended by “enlarged.”

“Because with 200 followers you thought you were the last bag of parakeet in Colombia (…) or Don’t you remember the time you humiliated a child in front of me (…) because he asked you for a photo? ”, the woman demanded.

La Liendra replied by affirming that it was a long time ago and that people “don’t care.”

“Andrea that was a long time ago. I always told him that what he wanted was money and nothing more, people do not matter to me, “wrote the influencer.

It should be remembered that recently La Liendra ended his relationship with Luisa Castro, apparently by difference between the young.

Here the conversation between La Liendra and Mercedes:



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