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Marla Maples, former wife of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, monopolized his looks when he wore very small clothes in front of the camera.

Through his official Instagram account, the model uploaded a paralyzing photograph that delighted more than one.

In the photo we see the former of Trump from what appears to be a lake, which looks and looks from one side, from the heavenly Sanya.

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The maples show off a turquoise sarong that covers the breasts. However, it reveals a perky white bikini with black details.

Shortly after the publication, the glowing postcard dangerously scaled the 1,500 "Like".

"Good morning, heaven, when night falls in New York, the day starts here in Sanya," wrote Marla to accompany the photo.

Moreover, users' comments did not take long to appear, praising also the actress.

"Very pretty, Marla", "beautiful", "wow, wonderful", "must be a backward picture of when you were 20. You are beautiful, Marla", "always radiant, Marla", "hello, I just want tell you how good you are at raising your daughter Tiffany, she's always elegant and classy, ​​"sexy", beautiful, "were some of the comments to former President Trump.

This is not the first occasion in which Marla dazzles her followers with her singular beauty.

In the past he has fascinated more than one with a photograph in which he is seen lying on a chair, showing his charm by wearing a tiny short and a pink tank top.

On that occasion, the publication exceeded 1,700 "Like".


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