Ex-Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera's boyfriend is in mourning


Claudia Galván, former Lorenzo Méndez, the famous boyfriend of Chiquis Rivera announced that it was devastated after a terrible loss.

The former boyfriend of Chiquis, who on several occasions sparked the controversy and had several fights with Jenni Rivera's daughter, has released a tragic news.

Through his Instagram account, Galván revealed that his brother has unfortunately lost his life.

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In the publication you can see the image of a black arc characteristic of these moments.

Also, as part of the post, Chiquis's ex-boyfriend uploaded another image with an English text that translated: "You left before we knew it, and God knows why." A million times One million times we will cry … If love could save you, you would never be dead In life we ​​love you very much In death we still love you In our hearts you have a place that no one else can fill. broken our hearts, but you did not go away alone, because a part of us was with you the day God brought you home, we'll see each other again someday, I know, in a better place. he made our brother while you were here on earth. "

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Claudia Galvan_Instagram
Claudia Galvan_Instagram

Claud Galván also confessed: "Today I'm not well, my heart, my chest, hurts, there are so many emotions that I still feel that I will never hear your voice, your laughter. brother of my soul, I do not understand why God took you so early, so young, I love you, Carlitos, I just wished I had a chance to see you before your sudden goodbye. "

This unfortunate revelation was deeply felt in the hearts of the followers of Chiquis's ex-boyfriend, who assigned him more than 2,000 Mikes.


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