Ex-Playmate Crystal Hefner has lost thousands of followers a day after breast implants were removed

publishedJan 13, 2022 at 9:57 p.m

After the death of her husband Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner underwent a change and was less revealing from then on. This cost her many fans, as she now reveals.

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Crystal Hefner started out as a Playmate in the late 2000s and in 2012 became the wife of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 60 years her senior. After his death in 2017, the 35-year-old went through a change.


Crystal, seen here in 2015, had “everything artificial” removed from her body, including her breast implants, and deleted all revealing photos from her Instagram account.

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Although the influencer initially lost thousands of followers every day because of this, their numbers are now increasing again.

Although the influencer initially lost thousands of followers every day because of this, their numbers are now increasing again.


  • Crystal Hefner, widow of “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner, speaks on Instagram about the consequences of her image change.

  • When she had “everything artificial” removed from her body and no longer posted scantily clad photos, she lost thousands of followers every day.

  • However, she does not regret her change at all.

Crystal Hefner became world famous in the 2010s as the playmate and third wife of the 60-year-old “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner. After his death in 2017, however, an image change followed. Now the 35-year-old influencer describes herself on Instagram as a “model who became a traveller, investor and health advocate”. In a comprehensive post, she now talks about the change she has gone through in recent years.

“I removed everything artificial from my body and deleted all my old photos. I’m more authentic, more vulnerable and feel like I belong more to myself. I belong to myself.” During this image change, however, she had to fear for her existence as an influencer, because she lost several thousand followers every day.

“I was in the red. Every day. I watched the women who had similar accounts keep posting the same scantily clad stuff and grow exponentially while my numbers went down.”

Now Crystal has “an army of supporters”

In the meantime, however, the tide has turned, and their numbers are increasing on most days. “The female fans thwart the male fans. Now I really feel like I have an army of supporters who care about me and see a real soul behind the lens.” About her earlier life as a playmate, she says: “I lived to make others happy and suffered internally.”

Crystal has also found new happiness when it comes to love. She is currently dating reality TV star Ryan Malaty (32). It’s unclear how long the two have been in a relationship. However, the couple has been Instagram-official for around half a year.

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