Landing in Guadalajara to interview Daniel Arizmendi, The Mochaorejas, a hijacker which in the 90’s terrorized the citizenry for your strategies, cut the ears of their victims in order to exert pressure at the moment of negotiating a ransom. Was 2015. By the nature of the profile antisocial that has Arizmendi, was a little more nervous of the ordinary for the interview and was retracted, trying to prepare myself emotionally.

They passed by us a few elements of the Specialized Unit Against Kidnapping, who had the charge to lead us to the criminal of Great Bridge and wait for us. A colleague criminóloga was going with me: Monica, who began the conversation with the agents. I put on my headphones pretending not to hear. I would concentrated on what was to come.

“How are things going here in Guadalajara”, asked Monica. “Complicated,” replied one of them. “Note that we had now two weeks to negotiate a kidnapping of a girl of 12 years. A kidnapping, complicated, very violent,” he continued. The kidnappers threatened to rape and kill the victim, he said. “Threatened to make cachitos and send it to his family for parts, if not paid the amount requested,” said. The two elements and tell how they were able to do research of geolocation during the captivity, and “just three days ago we were able to grab the child from the hell of the kidnapper. He had seen, a little man all a coward. Already she can imagine how it went. Very cool saying pura pendejada on the phone; a coward”, he continued. “Santa madriza that we got when we got him. Imagine that we have not or could not present”, ended the story.


We had several months traveling to various criminal to work in the “Profile of Kidnappers”, a project psychosocial of the plagiarists of the country for the creation of preventive projects that contribute to the eradication of the abduction. The proof-of-Istanbul —that determines torture in the process— was the one constant in the stories of the men more violent. The strategy between them is simple: prove torture in detention and the process he fell for failures in due process. For alleged hijackers as Cesar Freyre, charged with the kidnapping of Hugo Alberto Wallace, that was his key out of prison. So, even though their hands are drenched in blood, with good lawyers, freedom is just around the corner.

It was cold with the account of the agents anti-kidnapping. How could it be that the police officers who negotiated the plagiarism were the makers of stop and present to the alleged perpetrators? How can it be that for all the talk of houses being rooted in the underground with such normalcy, “for that will fall the blows, and then be able to submit”? What they didn’t realize that by hitting them or torturing them were giving him the tools to go free? How could it be possible that the individuals certified to safeguard peace and justice in our country violenten processes, under a system of impunity and corruption systematic?

Of that 2015 to this 2020, and, sadly, very little has changed.


The revolving doors of the justice system have their foundations in illegal practices that, far from creating justice for the victims, undermine the integrity of the mexican people. A few days ago was Giovanni and Alexander; killed by the “heavy hand of the police”, the police abuse. Today, more than ever, it is urgent to combat the practices of “extra-judicial” of our police, far from helping to build a Mexico in peace, add to the country’s violent that today we suffer.

In the combat of these practices, it is imperative to prioritize the mental health. As I listened to the elements that day to speak, ironically I felt some compassion towards them. They did what they could with few or no tools they had. The anger, the helplessness and the violence were already mechanisms of defenses adopted in order to safeguard their “mental health”. Our police officers are exposed every day to the highest level of violence, impunity and corruption, and the lack of psychological support that they receive has also blotted out in not few occasions, the line between good and evil.

President and co-founder
of Re-AC.


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