Exchange of wives: Widow, infidel, kadibudka and emergency colony!

In the Exchange of Wives, you will be the first to meet Iveta (51), Petr (57), Tomáš (18), Natálka (8), Terezka (7), Vaneska (5) and Iveta’s eldest daughter Šárka, who spends her holidays with her three children. at Iveta in Prague. Iveta enrolled the family in the Exchange.

During the whole eight years of the relationship, the partners were not without each other, but they did not go anywhere together either. They are troubled by a stereotype. The crisis in the relationship is exacerbated not only by the difficult economic situation in the household, but also by Peter’s interest in playing computer games. “I wish that when I came back, the computer was in second place and I was in first place,” says Iveta.

On the other hand, you will meet Šárka (47), Libor (42), Lenka (19) and Šarlot (9) from Ostrava. Sarka didn’t have it easy in her life. She was widowed and after some time she met Libor. Nineteen-year-old Lenka signed up for the Exchange because she doesn’t like how it works in the family. See the samples here.

“We’re playing for a nice family for my mother, because she wants to keep it, so we try to get used to each other,” Lenka describes. But this is not the only problem in the family. “There was infidelity on the part of my friend, which was very disgusting,” Šárka confided.

Infidelity plagued Sarka for more than a year. “The worst part was that she had Libor under her thumb. He even moved in with her, then he came back, that he didn’t give in to her and that he didn’t want to live there. I won’t forgive the woman in life,” recalls Sarka.

Even during the Exchange, it will not be easy for Šárka. The house she came to is located in an emergency colony. And according to Šárka, it definitely looks like that. The house is basically a garden and the place of a classic toilet is dry there. The family also smokes everywhere in the house and both Petr and Iveta are able to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

You can find out how this peculiar Exchange turns out on Wednesday evening on TV Nova or already on the portal Voyo. If you missed the last episode, you can play it here. And on Nova Plus you will find i bonus videos from Wife Exchanges.


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