Exchange rate: dollar today July 30 at closing


This Tuesday, July 30th, at closing of the daythe US dollar ended at $ 19.05 for the purchase and $ 19.06 pesos for sale in his 48 hour interbank mode, according to the data of Banxico. The above represents a slight gain for the weight of 1.30 cents, As for the closing date on Monday.

All this day, EU currency It was listed in Banxico with a maximum of $ 19.09 and a minimum of $ 19.05 pesos.

The Mexican peso had a slight gain compared to the dollar. Photo: reform

Second El Dolar.Info , in the window the US currency It was listed for sale with a maximum of $ 19.47 and with a minimum of $ 18.90 pesos in some banks.


  • Banamex 18.54 19.37
  • Banco Azteca 17.80 18.90
  • Banorte 17.90 19.30
  • BBVA Bancomer 17.67 19.47
  • Inbursa 18.80 19.35
  • Intercam 18.67 19.29
  • IXE 17.90 19.30
  • Monex 18.81 19.32
  • Scotiabank 17.90 19.42
  • Santander 19.08 19.08

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The day ended with a slight gain in anticipation of the announcement of the American Fed's monetary policy, which will take place tomorrow Wednesday. Positive negotiations between China and the United States are also expected.

Furthermore, the behavior of the economy in Mexico is about to be announced during the second quarter, which will be announced tomorrow Wednesday before the opening of the markets.



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