Exchange rates against the Saudi Riyal today, Saturday 10 November 2018 and find out the price of the dollar, the euro and the pound sterling


Now we will know the latest exchange rate of Saudi Arabia and foreign currencies against the Saudi Riyal, Saturday 10 November 2018, according to international price standards, we will monitor the dollar against the Riyal, the British Pound, the 39; Euro and more. You can save the article in your favorites to find out more. In continuous follow-up to the transfer of the price of Arab and foreign currencies in front of the Saudi Riyal.

The Saudi Riyal is one of the most important Arab and international currencies Riyal is the basic unit for monetary transactions within Saudi Arabia.The Riyal is composed of 100 halalas The Saudi Riyal is convertible into many other foreign currencies The Saudi Riyal is issued by the Saudi monetary agency (Central Bank of Saudi Arabia), and we follow the price of the Saudi Riyal against the Arab and international currencies.

Exchange rates for Riyal of Saudi Arabia

currency Value in Saudi Riyals
Egyptian pound SAR 0.21
United Arab Emirates Dirham SAR 1.02
Sudanese Pound SAR 0.07
Algerian dinar SAR 0.03
BD SAR 9.95
Iraqi Dinar SAR 0.0032
KD SAR 12.33

Foreign exchange rates against Saudi Riyals

currency Value in Saudi Riyals
US $ SAR 3.75
EUR SAR 4.25
£ SAR 4.86
Canadian dollar SAR 2.83

History of the Saudi Riyal

The Saudi Riyal is at the beginning of the reign of King Abdul Aziz in the period following the change of the name of the country (Kingdom of Hejaz and Najd and its accessories) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where King Abdul Aziz emitted a royal decree n. 2716 (2716) decides to change the name of the country on 7 Jumada I 1351 AH on September 22, 1932 AD, but the name of the country changed to Saudi Arabia did not appear on money only in 1354 AH corresponding to 1935 AD, where the circulation of the first Saudi currency is the Saudi Riyal and the name of Saudi Arabia.

In the era of King Saud bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi Riyal currency was first published, adding for the first time an image of the Saudi king to the Saudi paper currency during the reign of King Khalid, whose currency had the image of King Faisal in all categories, Riyal uploaded a photo of King Abdulaziz.

The Saudi Riyal

Many people look to see the Saudi Riyal, which is the Saudi Riyal continuously during the year, for the economic value of the riyal, especially during the Hajj and Umrah season throughout the year, where the different currencies are traded in Riyals Saudis. .

With different prices we constantly monitor the Saudi Riyal against various currencies, and we will keep you updated, continue with the article and insert it into your favorite now.


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