Excited, Geprek Bensu employees collect salaries from Jordi Onsu, younger brother of Ruben Onsu: Just sell branded goods!

Hops.ID – Bad news is hitting the brothers Ruben Onsu and Jordu Onsu this is because of conjecture salary employee Geprek Bensu Unpaid.

In addition to reports of employees not getting their right to wages or payments, there are issues with HRD and marketing Geprek Bensu has also resigned.

Issues regarding non-payment salary employee Geprek Bensu this has filled TikTok and other social media pages.

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On personal Instagram Jordy Onsu Of course, there are lots of netizens who are suspected of being employees Geprek Bensu feel disappointed because of that.

Geprek Bensu itself is a geprek chicken franchise, namely fast food whose owner is Jordy Onsu sister of Ruben Onsu.

Which one Jordy Onsu himself is the owner and main director of PT Onsu Pangan Perkasa while Ruben Onsu is a brand ambassador Geprek Bensu.

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Established since 2017, Geprek Bensu reportedly already has 110 outlets.

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