Excited Klaudia Halejcio boasts about the renovation of the bedroom in the villa for 9 million: “WE WILL BE STORM” (PHOTOS)

More than six months have passed since the enormous changes in my life Klaudia Halejcio. At the beginning of June, they welcomed their daughter with their partner Oskar In, after which the whole family moved into a luxurious villa worthy PLN 9 million. This is not an investment that the average person could afford, but the influencer argued that she worked for such comfort and saved from a child.

A new place of residence has opened Claudia door to unlimited instagram contentwhich he inundates his observers day after day. Influencer fans do not miss any metamorphosis of the luxurious interior, because the celebrity makes sure that every little detail is captured in the photo or report. View of the marble floor and floor-to-ceiling windows in measuring 500 m2 villas are already commonplace for users of social media.

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No wonder that it has just started renovation work in the bedroom the stars had to be documented online. In the uploaded video, Halejcio greets fans from the threshold of a huge room with (as if otherwise) marble floor and visible traces heralding renovation. The celebrity goes around the entire room, not forgetting to show its considerable size wardrobes attached to the room.


I’ll show you what’s going on in the bedroom. We found that we are starting renovation. Here is a dressing room, what will happen here, we will tear it down. Glass doors will be erected she said with delight in her voice.

Are you waiting for the effects of metamorphosis?

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