Exciting secrets .. Hassan Youssef divorced Shams Al-Baroudi and begged this famous artist to accept his marriage, so she shocked him with her response.. You will not believe who she is!!

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In the seventies of the last century, actor Hassan Youssef asked some of his friends to intervene to convince his ex-wife, Lebleba, to return to him and resume their married life again, according to what Akhbar Al-Youm reported in April 1972.

Hassan Youssef’s attempts to persuade Lebleba to return to him began two weeks before his marriage to Shams al-Baroudi, and Lebleba refused all mediations initiated by the composer Muhammad Dia al-Din.

At that time, Lebleba said to her friends and friends of her ex-husband, who intervened in an attempt to make peace between them: I do not think at all in a position that would allow me to return to Hassan Youssef.

Friends’ efforts to reconcile between them increased in recent days after Hassan Youssef divorced his second wife, Shams Al-Baroudi, and Hassan said to his friends: The important thing is that Lebleba’s mother is also convinced to resume our married life.

However, Lebleba’s mother replied: I am completely neutral and will not interfere in such an issue. This is my daughter’s private life and she has the right to make her decision.

At this time, the last news of Hassan Youssef and Lebleba was an attempt to bring them together in one theatrical work that they had previously presented before their separation, and Lebleba apologized for participating in the play on the pretext that she is busy working in the cinema and that the theater needs a full time, and the band suggested postponing the replay of the play until she finishes working in the cinema But she apologized again.

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