Excluded companies winners on the stock exchange

The fund companies’ sustainability strategy has not been enriching for savers this year – winners, on the other hand, are companies that the fund managers have excluded.

Both the defense group Saab and the snus giant Swedish Match, which was bid for by the American Philip Morris and approved by the board of Swedish Match, are going against the flow this year on the stock exchange and stand out as winners.

These two companies have been excluded by the fund companies in accordance with their sustainability policy, writes Today’s Industry under the heading “thoughtless management”.

Last week it was kursrally i Swedish Match on the news of the offer from Philip Morris and the share in the company is up 42 percent this year.

Fund savers have been forced to stand at the sidelines and watch

The fund savers who rely on the strategy of their fund managers have missed out on that price rush.

Di states that the Stockholm Stock Exchange has only risen 24 percent this year in a comparison.

In the same way, the defense company Saab has delivered to its shareholders this year. The price has risen by as much as 80 percent since the beginning of the year.

But even that stock market party has generally been missed by Swedish fund savers as Saab, like Swedish Match, is excluded from the fund companies for sustainability reasons.

However, you state that several institutions have recently turned around and started refueling the Saab share. Swedbank Robur in particular, but also SEB funds, Nordea funds and Skandia, have increased their ownership as the Saab share soared, it appears.

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