Exclusive and in pictures – Marwan Al-Shami and Sobhi Tawfiq live in the Eid Al-Adha party

Artists revivedMarwan Al ShamiandSobhi Tawfik​They gave a concert on the first day of Eid al-Adha, during which they presented a bouquet of wonderful songs.

The launch took place in the concert held at the Plaza Palace, by Marwan Al-Shami, who presented a link to various artists, including Wael Kfoury, in addition to the traditional and national Lebanese songs and songs, including “I love you, Lebanon”, “It is enough that you are Lebanese”, and others. As al-Shami returned from the stage, all the Lebanese, who in turn exchanged his greetings, wished for better conditions to come to Lebanon.
In turn, Sobhi Tawfik, who climbed the stage, and entered the middle of a great interaction of the audience, who left their places for joy and took pictures with him near the stage, which accommodated hundreds of people who love singing and singing. Sobhi also presented a special link, including “You like this” and “Toul Ma Enta Ghayeb” and other great songs that the audience loves. In response to the wishes of the attendees, he added a selection of Aleppo cod and mawwael that ignited the ceremony. In turn, he returned to Al-Hasour and the Lebanese in general, and left everyone’s wish, which is the return of the homeland to Lebanon as it was before, and promised the audience with upcoming local and foreign concerts.

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