Executive Bookshelf: What Leaders Read in April

Raimonda Alonderienė (left), director of people and organization development, Nerijus Pačėsa, founder of “Erudito” lyceum, Aušra Žemaitienė, general director of “Mars Lietuva”. VŽ collage.

VŽ asked managers what books they read and what they would recommend to other leaders. Managers tell stories, they usually read books in both English and Lithuanian languages. It happens that later one does not even remember in which language one or another book was read.

Managers surveyed by VŽ in March recommended the books that left the greatest impression on them and gave them practical benefits. Even a few turned their attention to science fiction. Who recommends: Aušra Žemaitienė, CEO of Mars Lietuva. Book: “Project Hai …

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