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distance. this won’t be very

difficult since the activity

pedestrian has dropped almost 60%

compared to last year. and there is

other ways to do

exercises such as us

indicates our coach

personal or if ozzy del toro

which at a distance has

very interesting protins.

you already have your routines

ancestral, good morning.

ozzy: alex, good morning.

family. a few days. Of course

i. I already have the classes

virtual. I actually think about them

invite in the segment.

I was giving this morning

free virtual class for everyone

viewers who in this

moment is when more

we need inner peace.


exactly. and that we

you have today. as we can

burn fat.

ozzy: we always have

but exercising from home.

Today I am going to show you some

movements using

just your backpack

children, your backpack

work. what you can wear

In the shoulders. I will teach you

three movements you can


sometimes it’s better to go back to

the basic steps you must in

when and since those steps

Classics help us. are shapes


we begin.

three movements that made you

taught in the past.

Let’s get started, family. first

movement placing the backpack

on my back as I have it.

let’s start doing some


if you want to hold on to have

a little more control over your

weight, you can do it this way

way. we spread our legs to

shoulder height and

let’s start going down and going up.

always remember to inhale the

go down and exhale when going up.

remember, all the weight towards the

heel behind and towards

gúteos as if you wanted

sit down and we do this

movement for 20 repetitions.

second movement, let’s

stand on the ground.

let’s remember. let’s do


try to lower your chest more than

may l.

and nothing down, exhale to

go up. who are they for

beginners can lower their

knees and do this yourself


remember you have to be

firm and straight with a board

as much as you can.

günther for 20 seconds.

remember to do three sets.

this morning i will be giving a

totally free virtual class

. 7m on my page

instagran, today at 9:00 in the

Tomorrow, I was waiting for you.

family, health this state

natural to be. keep your

state of peace.

in these times I connect

with you virtually to give you

physical support but

also emotional.

I come back with you.

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