Exercise, at the point of wood in the Aranjuez neighborhood

Freddy Arango


The ingenuity and creativity of Andrés Leonardo Ocampo or Colombo, as he is known in the Aranjuez neighborhood, stood out in these months of the pandemic.

This welder by profession and unemployed due to the economic crisis, built a multifunctional machine during this time of quarantine, which works like a gym. Made of wood such as guadua and logs, it also used iron and plastic. He placed her in an open area.

It was inspired by a green space, on Calle 73 con 40A, where the leaders of the sector have recovered the site from rubbish, planted gardens and made the community aware of valuing and caring for this area.

Andrés surprised them with his invention when he installed it in that place, the neighbors have asked him to manufacture more machines, so that more people in the community will benefit.


“I took the initiative to create this game for the neighbors to exercise and be physically well. It is a machine to do several exercises at the same time such as working the leg, back, chest, arms and abdomen ”, says Andrés.

He says that when he was installing it, the neighbors told him that the project had turned out well. “I took about 15 days between doing it and installing it. I tried it and the neighbors began to arrive. There are no fixed hours and all the time they go to the outdoor gym, when the snow is clear you can see it while you are exercising ”.


Isabel Flores is Colombo’s mother. He says: “We went to live in Venezuela with Andrés, when he was two years old and then we returned when he was 14. He went to study and his classmates gave him the nickname Colombo and that is how they recognize him in the neighborhood. In his childhood he was very resourceful, making kites, fixing bicycles and skateboards.

Among the neighbors, Colombo’s invention stands out because it has helped him get out of sedentary lifestyle, a product of mandatory confinement.

“When I see the opportunity, I practice on the machine very early and I take advantage of the fact that it has two weights, one for the beginner and one for the more advanced, I adapt it with two pulleys. It has attracted a lot of attention, they ask who invented it, who is the genius ”, says Raquel Socorro López, leader of the Aranjuez neighborhood.

To the order

Colombo is measured to make any type of gym machines in wood or iron, he worked in a company that manufactured tools and gym objects, he was the builder. He was left without a job due to the pandemic, but he was left with the experience that has served him to build his own machines. His contact is 3122051853.

The weights are logs that were put on pulleys.

Only wood, concrete and screws are screwed and nailed to the floor.

“When we realized that I was doing it, it seemed wonderful to us and I became a user, it’s great,” says Luz Adriana Arenas, from the Aranjuez neighborhood.

“We need an instructor who can explain us well how to do exercise routines better,” asks the community.


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