Exercise reduces the risk of death, even if it started after 40 years


Specialists from the National Institute of Oncology, the United States conducted a study on a large sample and found that people who were not involved in sports before age 40 can still exercise to reduce the risk of death. The work was published in the journal JAMA Network Open.

The authors used data from the National Institutes of Health, collected during the period 1995-1996. They included a cohort of 315.059 people, 58.2% (183.451) were males. The age of the participants ranged from 50 to 71 years. They all lived in six different states. The researchers monitored the patient's history and conducted a sensitivity analysis to determine the relationship between exercise and risk of death in general and various diseases.

The results showed that people involved in lifelong sport had a 29-36% lower risk of dying from all types of disorders than those who had never resorted to regular physical activity. Those who started practicing physical activity after 40 years had a spread of 32-35 percent. Above all, the beginning of an active life has influenced the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. In the first case, the indicators decreased by 43% compared to the passive part of the sample, in the second case by 16%.

According to cardiologist Evelina Graver (Evelina grayver), which did not participate in the study, work does not mean that up to 40 physical activity can be neglected. She believes that lifelong lifelong exercise has its benefits, which future research may say.

Previously there were several articles that testify to the different benefits of physical exertion. Researchers at Columbia University have determined that aerobic exercise (aerobic exercise) significantly influence the quality of thinking with respect to training, aimed at stretching the muscles in people of all ages. Last year's meta-analysis of 49 articles showed that physical activity prevents the development of depression.



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