Exoplanet could help find a habitable world

A group of astronomers has managed to detect the presence of clouds on a distant exoplanet that could help in the search for new worlds suitable for life.

By analyzing data collected by multiple telescopes, the scientists detected clouds in the gas giant’s atmosphere. WASP-127b, an exoplanet located about 520 light years from the earth.

The observations without precedents They are so detailed that they allowed us to define the altitude of these clouds and the structure of the upper atmosphere of the celestial body with the greatest precision so far, informs Science Alert.

It is a work that will help us to better understand the atmospheres of exoplanets and to search for worlds that may have conditions conducive to life or biosignatures in their spectra. With the discovery, we also get closer to the elaboration of meteorological reports for distant alien worlds ”, explains the scientific portal.

WASP-127b was discovered in 2016. It is a hot exoplanet that orbits its star at an extremely close distance, making its year only 4.2 Earth days long. Its size is equivalent to 1.3 times that of Jupiter, but its mass is only 0.16 that of the fifth planet in our solar system.



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