‘Much to our sorrow and frustration, the police visited this morning’, Janneke Postma from Oldekerk reports on Facebook. The milk tank of Postma’s farm has been opened by strangers. Three thousand liters of milk were lost during this process.

To support Postma and her boyfriend Jeen de Jong, Expeditie Grunnen presenter Leonie Albers drove to Oldekerk. ‘This does not have to become world news for us,’ says De Jong. “We just want the perpetrator to report,” he says.

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You can view expedition 1.5 meters above or via missed broadcast.

What is Expedition 1.5 meters?

We drive our Expedition bus to the places people talk about. Do you need help with something, do you want to tell your story or are you going to do something active this weekend? Everything is allowed and nothing is too crazy! But we do have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

Send us a message via the Facebook page van Expeditie Grunnen and who knows, we might be at your door!


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