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“It’s been a year since the previous event, which combined a multimedia show and an oriental BODYART® workout. That means it’s time to repeat it! Participants will be able to dive into a very special atmosphere created by unparalleled masters of painting,

A combination of oriental meditative exercises and soothing music.

As you know, BODYART® is based on the principle of yin and yang of Eastern philosophy, but the purpose of this type of training is the comprehensive development of a person as a whole – his soul, body and mind. In turn, the combination of these trainings with a multimedia demonstration of paintings by great artists will undoubtedly charge all participants with energy and inspiration, ”says Jurijs Getalo, director of the creative agency“ Monowhite ”and organizer of BODYART® morning“ When Art meets BODYART ”.

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When: August 14 at 8:00 AM

Where: Digital Art House, Skolas Street 2, Riga

The duration of the event is about 1.5 hours

Participants must bring a sports suit and yoga mat.

The participation fee for visitors is 15 euros (the price includes a workout and a cup of morning coffee). Tickets can be purchased on site. To reserve a place, send an application to [email protected]

The maximum number of participants is 35, so please book in advance and let us know if your plans have changed and you cannot attend the event.

During the event, all interested parties will not only be able to try the special type of functional and holistic training BODYART®, but also to see multimedia exhibitions: Gustav Klimt’s “From Love to Death” and Vincent van Gogh’s “Letters Theo”.

“It is not for nothing that it is said that a healthy spirit lives in the whole body: the purpose of both art and training, which is based on Eastern philosophy, is to organize thoughts and harmonize people. That’s why we decided to offer our guests unique feelings: training combined with an unparalleled multimedia exhibition of artists’ paintings – all accompanied by soothing music. Such a morning party is undoubtedly in the mood for an unusual creative wave and productive work and is definitely very inspiring! At the end of the event, all visitors will, of course, be offered a cup of exhilarating morning coffee and a small gift from the organizers, ”says J. Getalo.

“BODYART® is based on the principle of the Yin and Yang polarities of Eastern philosophy, and the goal of this training system is to train a person as a whole, thus encompassing body, mind and soul.

This training system combines the best and most therapeutically effective from physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, yoga, breathing techniques, Japanese Do In, Chi (Qi) movements, classic strength and flexibility training, stretching exercises, as well as special BODYART® original exercises.

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The result is a unique training system that not only trains and balances the body physically, but also creates a meditative effect, reduces stress and tension and provides mental balance. In other words, it harmonizes the human body, mind and soul, ”explains Arta Zaņuka, a BODYART® teacher with international experience, a certified health sports specialist, a certified trainer with higher education, who teaches both in the yoga studio DabaYoga and in the largest fitness club network in the Baltics MyFitness .

Together with Art, the participants will go through five special phases based on five elements of nature, well known and used in Eastern philosophy as well as in traditional Chinese medicine – earth, wood, fire, metal and water.

Based on these principles of Chinese medicine, BODYART® practice includes not only work with the body, but also work with the inner energy of man. Every movement and posture develops the whole body, not just individual muscle groups. After the lesson, the person feels more physically and mentally balanced.

PHOTO: Publicity photo

“The event will take place in the multimedia center Digital Art House, and it will be complemented by projections of works by great artists Gustav Klimt and Vincent van Gogh. Each corner of the hall will become part of the masterpieces that seem to shine from the inside, filling the viewers with warmth and peace. With the huge screen, VISUAL360 technology and “Dolby Surround”, completely immersed in an unusual atmosphere, the participants of the event will be able to enjoy Gustav Klimt’s so-called golden period works and Vincent van Gogh’s exhibition “Letters Teo”, which stands out with special sensuality and sincerity, ” “When Art meets BODYART®” organizer Jurijs Getalo.


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