News Expert: At present, all Covid-19 cases in Latvia have...

Expert: At present, all Covid-19 cases in Latvia have been imported from abroad – Health

There are cases when self-isolation, returning from countries with high Covid-19 morbidity rates, is not observed by both Latvian residents and foreigners, said Santa Livina, Head of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, in an interview with TV3 “900 Seconds”.

She stressed that the further spread of Covid-19 depends on how the population will deal with the restrictions and adhere to the basic things, such as regular hand disinfection, distance.

Currently, the biggest problem is the import of Covid-19 from abroad, said Livina. According to her, basically all cases are imported from abroad. In addition, there are cases when Latvians returning from countries with high morbidity, as well as foreign residents, do not observe self-isolation, which is very important for controlling Covid-19 infection. And then the infection is passed on to contacts, the specialist explained.

However, it is positive that all cases of the disease have been epidemiologically traced, Līviņa emphasized. “As long as we can trace everything and as long as we are based on these imported cases, it must be said that the situation is quite stable,” Līviņa emphasized.


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