Expert panel: Healthy adults do not need supplements

Various supplements with vitamins and minerals will not protect you against cancer, heart disease or anything else that you can die from.

The U.S. Volunteer Panel with National Experts on Disease, Disease Prevention, and Evidence-Based Medicine, US Preventive Services Task Force, leaves recommendations for prevention and treatment and has now updated its recommendations for supplements with vitamins and the mineral it reports CNN.

The expert panel’s updated recommendations have been published in it medical journal JAMA. Since the panel last issued recommendations, experts have reviewed 84 studies that have tested vitamins in nearly 700,000 people.

Healthy adults do not need supplements

However, the experts’ conclusion is the same as it was in 2014. For a healthy and non-pregnant adult, the evidence that supplements with vitamins A, B3, B6, C, E, D, calcium, beta-carotene or selenium provide some benefits that prolong life is insufficient. .

However, experts believe that there is sufficient evidence to recommend people not to take beta-carotene supplements, which are converted in the body to vitamin A, due to a possible increased risk of increased mortality from cardiovascular disease or lung cancer.

They also believe that people should not take vitamin E either because it probably does not reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Balanced diet and physical activity

“Lifestyle counseling to prevent chronic disease in patients should continue to focus on evidence-based approaches, including a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables and physical activity,” some doctors wrote in a leader in JAMA.

According to several studies, for example, a Mediterranean diet, which focuses on a plant-based diet, together with physical activity and social commitment can reduce the risk of high cholesterol, depression, dementia, memory loss and breast cancer, writes CNN.

Mediterranean diet has also, according to CNN, been linked to stronger bone structure, weight loss, healthier heart and longer life.

In the leader in Jama, doctors write that instead of focusing money, time and attention on supplements, people should focus on activities with lower risk and higher benefit, such as following a healthy diet, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding smoking.

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