Expert railing against Tesla: “Dumbest and obscene variant of e-mobility”


After much hesitation, the automotive industry is switching to electromobility – Tesla was a pioneer in this regard. For the mobility expert Wolfgang Lohbeck it is not enough to just change the drive. He demands more far-reaching steps.

  • Mobility expert accuses Tesla of not thinking ecologically and socially
  • The problem is also with electric cars the waste of energy
  • Electric cars like Tesla's would have to be lighter to be really ecological

“What Tesla produces is the stupidest and most obscene version of electromobility – moving a three-ton car, even with extreme acceleration, that can not be ecological or social,” said Lohbeck in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung ” clear.

What Tesla does is “asocial”

The expert further criticized: “This is a waste of energy, it is a waste of resources, this is a waste of space, and this is antisocial and that shows that not every electric car is good and ecological.” Lohbeck is considered one of the most prominent mobility experts in Germany. He worked for Greenpeace and developed fuel efficient cars.

It's about weight

For Lohbeck, it's not the drive alone that determines how much a car pollutes the environment. “The question of the drive is a false one, even if Volkswagen, Daimler and the company use so much energy on it.

The real problem is another. “The basic problem is the weight, the mass, which must go down, because high weight needs a lot of energy, no matter which. And also green electricity is neither 'clean' nor free, it is even particularly precious.”


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